Paraffin Heat Therapy

Inner Tank: 
6" W x 6" H x 12" L
Outer Housing:
10-1/2" W x 8-3/4" H x 16-1/4" L


Parabath® Paraffin Heat Therapy provides soothing moist heat to warm joints, tissue and skin. The Parabath® Unit is ideal for the treatment of patients suffering from pain associated with arthritis, strains, sprains, joint stiffness, and it is also used to increase range of motion. Comes with a 5-year limited warranty.

The deep oversized tank allows easy immersion of hand and wrist, foot and ankle, or elbow. Made of stainless steel, the tank features an insulated outer housing to help retain heat. Choose citrus-scented paraffin or original unscented paraffin refills.

The Parabath® Stand is available for added stability and easy movement. The stand is mobile and can be used next to a table or chair. The Mitt/Bootie System is available for increased heat retention. The Bottom Grill is available for the bottom of the unit to keep skin away from heat.

warranty:  manufacturer's discretion (Manufactured by The Hygenic Corporation)

Item Description Price Ship
24050 Parafin Bath Unit $160.90 18 lbs.
24130 6 lb. Block of Wax-Unscented $19.95 6 lbs.
24131 6 lb. Block Fresh Citrus Scented Wax $19.95 6 lbs.
24132 2 lb. Block of Wax-Unscented $11.40 2 lbs.
24133 2 lb. Block Fresh Citrus Scented Wax $11.40 2 lbs.
24212 High Stand $147.70 16 lbs.
24220 Mits (pair) $24.55 1 lb
24221 Booties (pair) $29.55 1 lb.
24222 Plastic Liners (100/pk) $9.25 1 lb.
24230 Bottom Grill $7.45 1 lb
24240 Testing Thermometer $14.90 1 lb
24250 Replacement Lid $13.65 1 lb


Additional Information:

Do not use the Parabath unit for at least five (5) hours after the unit is first plugged in.  The "quick melt" feature of the Parabath unit facilitates melting of the paraffin.  It takes five (5) hours for the paraffin wax to "quick melt" and then cool to application temperature.  Using the Parabath unit before the five hour start-up period could result in irritation or burning to the skin.  The proper treatment temperature is between 125° - 134° F.  We recommend testing the paraffin temperature prior to first use. 

Important - Once you have plugged in you Parabath unit, DO NOT UNPLUG IT, except for cleaning or refilling the bath.  If the Parabath unit is unplugged, you must allow it to sit 24 hours before plugging it back in.  The Parabath unit uses only 25 watts of electricity once the paraffin is completely melted.  (Approximately $1.00 per month.)

Do not use the Parabath unit when you have open cuts or wounds, inflammatory skin conditions, or if you have been advised that you have a peripheral vascular disease or impaired circulation.  If in doubt, contact your physician or therapist.  

There should always be at least 3" of liquid paraffin in the bath.  If the level falls below 3", add Paraffin.  

When to clean the Parabath unit:  

  1. When the paraffin becomes significantly discolored.  

  2. When there is excessive sediment in the tank. 

How to clean the Parabath Unit:  

  1. Remove Tank cover

  2. Unplug the unit.  Never attempt to clean the Parabath unit when it is plugged in.  

  3. Remove the old paraffin from the tank by doing ONE of the following:

 - Quickly ladle all the liquid paraffin out of the tank with a disposable cup and dispose of the paraffin.  NEVER TRY POURING THE PARAFFIN OUT OF THE TANK OR DOWN YOUR DRAIN.  THIS IS NOT A SAFE PROCEDURE.  


-  Place the tank cover crosswise on the tank and place a length of rope with knots on each end into the liquid paraffin, letting the knots settle to the bottom of the tank.  Allow the paraffin to solidify around the rope (usually 24 hours is an adequate amount of time).  Then plug the Parabath unit back in just long enough for the paraffin to loosen in the tank.  Unplug the Parabath unit and pull the rope and the attached wax block.  (note:  the bottom of this block of wax can be scraped to get rid of the sediment from the bottom of the unit, and the wax reused)

4.  Use a mild household disinfectant cleaner and paper towels to wipe the bottom of the tank.  

High Stand is a black metal stand that measures 26" to 32" (adjustable height) and is about 12" wide