SMV Inc Limited Warranty


SPORTS MARKETING VENTURES, INC provides no product liability, warranties or product guarantees beyond those supplied by our manufacturers.

Merchandise should be inspected carefully upon delivery. All products are warranted against defects in materials and / or workmanship for a period of time from the invoice date. This period of time varies from vendor to vendor. Please check specific time periods for each product in question.

Some of our vendors do not specify a warranty time period. In this case, the warranty will be listed as "MANUFACTURER’S DISCRETION." This means the manufacturer believes their product to be a high performance product free from defect when used for normal recreational purposes. In the case of a manufacturing defect, the product can be returned after it has been put to use within a reasonable time. Normal wear and tear or misuse of the product will not be refunded or replaced.

An example of the above manufacturer’s discretion policy is the latex products such as tubing and bands. Most latex products, if there is a defect, will fail within the first week of use. If you believe the product to be defective because it has failed after this period of time, return the product to us for our inspection. Based on our experience, we will be able to determine if the failure occurred due to a manufacturer’s defect, improper application, or normal wear and tear.

In the event of failure of a product to conform during the warranty period, you must return the product to the location shown below at your own expense, unless otherwise approved by us in advance. Fitness Wholesale will repair or replace, at its own option, the product or any covered part. Warranty does not cover damage caused by accident (including in transit), or repairs or attempted repairs by any person not authorized by Sports Marketing Ventures, Inc, or vandalism, misuse, abuse or alteration.